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Relume are a team of electrical contractors, who design, supply and install state of the art home automation systems. Whether it’s a simple installation or a fully integrated new build project, Relume offer the same high standard of service, impartial advice and superior technical ability.




  • Automation is the way of the future, a lifestyle choice that has been embraced by more and more home owners, builders and architects. It’s all about simplifying the day-to-day tasks, which in turn leaves you with more time for the important things in life.

    It’s also a great medium for assisting persons with disabilities, aiding them with the things that most able- bodied persons take for granted.

    The idea behind Automation is to automate tasks such as switching off all the lights and arming the perimeter alarm system with one simple touch of a button placed beside your bed, opening and closing the blinds automatically at sunset and sundown and setting your favourite lighting scenes for a party, movie or romantic dinner. The possibilities are as endless as your budget you need only use your imagination.

    Automation can be controlled via remote control, internet, telephone, touch screens, touch button switches and by programming automatic commands.

    Where Automation can be found
    Homes, Apartment complexes, Restaurants, Theatres, Churches, Schools, Industrial facilities, Trade shows, Airports, Hotels, Public swimming pools, Parks, Shopping centers and the Office.

  • Our commitment to excellence, leadership and customer service are essential qualities to effectively manage each project – particularly the numerous residential contracts we have successfully completed.

    Our team is dedicated to providing professional assistance in comprehensive pre-construction planning, co-ordination and project management with consideration of critical time schedules and budgets.

    Our capabilities include.

    • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Installations on new Developments, Renovations and Refurbishments.
    • General Electrical Wiring
    • Automation Wiring
    • Temporary site Utilities, Lighting and Power
    • Security, Intercom, Access Control Wiring and Installation
    • Phone, Pay TV and Data Network Wiring
    • Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors
    • Maintenance and Repairs
  • The internet has now become the most important service in homes, schools and businesses. With out a proper network setup it can be very frustrating  as your service slows down or drops totally off. We use a mesh network system that gives you seamless coverage no matter where you are. 

  • Structured wiring is bringing our homes into the future by connecting us with the digital world outside.

    When building a new home it’s easy to incorporate all your digital needs by connecting you to digital TV, pay TV, fast broadband internet, telephone, networking and CCTV.

    From a single location, independently of each other you can use any of these devices at the same time, pay TV can be watched in the bedroom, free-to-air TV in the lounge and a DVD in the home theatre room. This type of wiring system can also allow distribution of telephone, fax, networking of computers for sharing files, printers and playing games, and broadband connection to multiple rooms to be used simultaneously.

    Your CCTV can be viewed at any location around your home where you have a TV or computer monitor.

  • Camera Surveillance
    In some high traffic areas camera surveillance tends to discourage the occasional malicious offender from jumping a wall or vandalising property. It’s not a bad investment for the security conscious investor or owner. These camera systems can be recorded on a “Digital Video Recorder” for later viewing or displayed on your television if required. There are also IP addressable systems that allow you to view your cameras from anywhere via the internet.

  • Security Systems
    Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
    The traditional approach to the security system is not forgotten, however the integration aspects with lights and audio give a whole range of different options to supplement a sounding external siren. Your neighbours might ignore the traditional siren going off, but a house where all the external lights are flashing on and off is much harder to ignore.

    Your Alarm system can be integrated with intelligent lighting and keyless entry. These are simple to operate with back to base security as an option.

    Imagine coming home, you present your fob at the door reader, the door unlocks, the alarm system disarms and a selected sequence of lights turn on to welcome you home.

    And leaving the home couldn’t be easier, at one touch of a button your alarm system activates and all of your lights turn off.

    Access Control & Keyless Entry

    Using one Fob, residents and office workers can have keyless access to their home, apartment, office and all common area doors, gates, lifts and main garage doors. It can be restrictive by only letting selective persons have access to their floor and respective lobbies or can be unrestrictive by letting persons have access to the whole building.

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties
    An Intercom systems basic role is to allow the occupant to communicate with a person outside without having to go to the door.

    It’s perfect for apartment blocks, large homes and office buildings, where access is granted at a front gate or into a lobby.

    Intercom systems range from  audio to audio/video with  hands free indoor monitors or handsets. There is also a growing number of IP intercoms that allow you to answer the door no matter where you are.

    On projects with access control the intercom system can be integrated to open the relevant doors and give the guest access to the lift and the relevant floor level.

  • Music you want where you want it

    Do you ever think to yourself how much you enjoyed music when you were younger and now can’t seem to find the time to listen to anything besides the Wiggles or Brittany because the kids have first dibs at the stereo?

    A multi-room audio system is a large and mostly under rated component of a complete home entertainment system.

    It allows you to listen to what you want, when you want and where you want 24/7. We are not talking about a second pair of speakers incorrectly matched to your stereo amplifier and located in the room next to the lounge room that is always at the same volume level.

    We are talking about a multi-room audio system that consists of suitable speakers in as many areas of your house as you want, all sharing a common source of equipment that is located in a central location of the home and with the ability to control the sound in each room. Your home can be music to ones ears… playing tunes straight from your Apple ipod, MP3 player, stereo, radio and TV.

    Home Cinema
    Is the experience of the big screen in the intimacy and safety of your own home.

    Home Cinema is focused on blending the science of acoustics and the art of aesthetics to transform any space in your home into a cinema experience.

    Media Room TV & Surround
    If a dedicated Home Cinema room is not for you then creating a ‘media room’ is the next best option.

    A media room is more of a general purpose area, such as the family room.

    You can still enjoy the big screen experience with digital widescreen movies and sport in fantastic surround sound and the kids can play their gaming console, making the home entertainment system something your whole family can use everyday.


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